+ Why this blog?

I’m a marketeer!

In 2009, my then 8 year-old son asked me what I did for a living. I struggled to explain, in third grade terms, how I earned a living. Even after attempting to reference gurus, best-selling books and the industry, I failed – and he walked away confused.

It led me to really consider: what is marketing?

Colleagues whom I shared this experience with have encouraged me to start this blog. My mission: to share through my professional experience, in simple terms, the science & art of marketing.

Throughout this blog I will use the word marketeer. This is defined by wiki as:

Marketeer is most often a contemporary and informal euphemism for Marketing professional. The term covers a range of professional and job designations concerned with development of market research, brand strategy, advertising, public relations, packaging and similar issues that arise when delivering goods or services to competitive markets.

I would simplify the definition by saying that it refers to those who earn a living practicing the discipline of marketing.

I welcome your feedback!

Ramiro Roman


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