5 marketing questions to ask yourself right now!

This week I had the privilege of joining MarketingProfs for the Seth Godin webinar titled 57 Ways to Connect with Your Customers & Get Them to Spread Your Ideas with You.  As I sit back reflecting on the week, I go back to a statement that Seth made – “Marketing is about making promises and keep ‘em.”

Is it that simple? YES! It is both simple & difficult.

This statement has kept ringing in my head and it’s very timely. We just kicked-off Q1 and while our first quarter is fully underway, I find myself cementing the tactical plan for the rest of the year (Q2-Q4). So as I consider future direction, I’m asking myself these questions, based on Seth’s statement:

5 Questions

•  Is the promise clear, relevant & differentiated to the target audience?

•  What vehicles am I executing to make those promises a reality in the client’s view?

•  Will my organization stand behind the brand promise?

•  How much marketing focus do I spend on post-sale client satisfaction?

•  Am I fully leveraging happy clients in case studies, testimonials or referrals?

In all transparency, at this point, I give myself a slightly above average score… but it’s not good enough. The value of Seth’s statement is its simplicity & clarity. However, as marketing practitioners, while doing business planning, negotiating with internal/external stakeholders & just the daily pressures, our clarity can, and often does, become obscured.

So I wanted to post these questions to you with the hope that you benefit from them as well. It’s early on the year. If you’re unsatisfied with your answers, the time to act is now.

Good marketing!



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