2010 a year in blogging – thank you!


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HNY!  Thank you for your support and readership of Marketing 4 Marketeers! 

This is a simple post to thank you and give you a brief update of the blog. 

I’ll start qualitatively… blogging rocks!  It’s liberating, exhilarating and difficult to maintain.  I’m never out of topics, just out of time.  Word Press rated this blog “Fresher than Ever.”  I’ve blogged about what I have a passion for and what I’m grateful to spend my waking hours doing – marketing.  If you have not started your own blog… make it a NY’s resolution

One of the underestimated benefits of blogging has been the networking.  People find and read your blogs more than I ever thought.  One benefit has been that I’ve been asked to write marketing book reviews and join the editorial board for PM360, a circulation to ~17,000 marketing subscribers.  That has led to another opportunity and I’m now working with Advertising Age on revamping their “bookstore” where I’ll be writing marketing book reviews.  If you can’t tell by now, I also love books, so reviews are a great extension of that pastime and hopefully a value add for you.

Unfortunately my time seems to be ever lessening.  A happy marriage with 5 kids, a full time job and volunteer activities pull me away from blogging.  When I started to blog I committed to 1 blog/month.  I believe I can sustain that for 2011, especially through my book reviews, but I’m not sure how much beyond that I can produce. 

Now the numbers, from the Word Press 2010 yearly report:


All in all, I’m satisfied with the blog.  I hope you are too.  Give me some feedback: please post your comments or e-mail me at rroman7@gmail.com.

Let’s have a GREAT 2011!


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