Google’s S I M P L E marketing ad is a model for Maketeers

The Super Bowl is the event of the year for advertisers.  CBS asked for $2.6 million for its 30 second ads.  Many companies spent millions on air time and millions more on creating the ads.  Yet, many of those are lame and do not produce results – remember the internet years?

In this year’s Super Bowl Google unveiled this S I M P L E  ad…



Brilliant!  It offers a model for marketeers on a few fronts:

1.      Product as hero.  Nothing beats it, yet we’ve walked away from this POWERFUL concept – and I still don’t know why???

2.      Relevant and interesting.  While the story of “romance” could have been a little tighter, I still found it interesting, memorable and actionable.

3.      S I M P L E .

What’s the lesson?  Stick to these 3 tips, if the world’s most complicated product can tell a story this S I M P L E  in 30 seconds, so can you.

 For more on S I M P L E marketing, see previous post.

Good marketing!



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