S I M P L E Marketing

Target audience
too many messages

Your target audience is being bombarded with messages!  Vendors, your competitors and other priorities are all battling for share of mind.  Everyone wants a piece of share, no matter how brief and we ALL understand the reach + frequency game, so we ALL play to win!


Social media has not only changed the business rules, but also all communication vehicles.  This has given businesses new ways to market, instantly, personally and 24×7.  Single person organizations are now able to compete with corporate giants, lowering traditional barriers for mass advertising

More than ever, I propose, it is time for you to make all your marketing efforts   S   I   M   P   L   E.


As a society, we grew up with a few misunderstandings:

§         The more complex, the more authoritative

§         Completeness is more informative

§         The use of bigger words shows a higher level of education

§         The list could go on…

In marketing, I would argue that all of these are wrong.  Perhaps in the “catalog” days these would play… or in a scientific journal… or in a User’s Manual… but in today’s marketing, there’s no room for this.

1988 campaign

Stop and think of the most memorable message’s you’ve retained (we’re all consumers)… I think of:

1.      Just do it – Nike

2.      Live Strong – Lance Armstrong’s cancer campaign

3.      The real thing – Coca Cola

Now, I realize these are all slogans… and I realize that I’m not the smartest guy in the world… but that’s really all that fits in my mind.  And yes, they do shape my buying decisions.  Even as I’m conscious of the intent and vehicles to influence me!


There’s an incredible surge in video marketing.  Research shows that this wave will turn into a full-blown tsunami in the next 3 years.  By now, all major brands have YouTube videos peddling their products. 

Most of these are incredibly entertaining and funny.  The best of these, I forward to my friends for a kick.  But, have we gone too far down the creativity line? 

I think so… entertainment is not the goal of advertising, it is influence.  Out of the hundreds of videos that I’ve absorbed, I don’t think one has influenced me to actually purchase a product – even a .99 cent product.  What about you, has a video made you buy a product recently?


I see our challenge as the ability to influence through simpler creative executions.  A picture says a 1,000 words… a video should only deliver a simple story… there’s really not much room for more.  Even looking back at the 1984 Apple ad, it reminds me of the simple – yet difficult – responsibility of a marketer.

Finally it all needs to fit tightly and simply in the medium you’re using.  Earlier I wrote a blog on advertising, those rules apply in your search for simplicity. 

beautifully simple


One word of warning: in your quest for simplicity you will be going against the grain so be ready to be criticized.

Good Marketing!



3 thoughts on “S I M P L E Marketing”

  1. Simple, simple, simple. Remember that famous acronym — K.I.S.S. — well Google not only took it to heart, but lived it, breathed it and worked it to demonstrate to the world not only how it is done, but how it is done right!

  2. Ramiro,

    Excellent post! Brought back great memories of that huge “Mac Marketing Moment” back in 1984.

    SIMPLE is good (esp. when it comes to messaging =)



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